Next Generation Search — Course

In the coming term — the Winter term starting on January 5th 2009 — I am teacing a course on Next Generation Search. I taught this course earlier, but this time I want to change it and try to identify general principles of search and its applications rather than driving my course more along the direction of what has been happening in the last 10+ years in the area of search engines.

I feel that search is in its very early stages, both in terms of technology and its applications. ANd this message has to be brought out in this course. More importantly, it will be great to identify fundamentls of search and how progress is being made in different aspects, including different media, storytelling, and personalization of search. I have a feeling that I will learn more than my students in this course.

And yes, I will share my learnings during this period here with you.

One thought on “Next Generation Search — Course

  1. Harry

    That would be a very interesting course!

    The topics I would imagine could include many recent developments in image/video content based search, large-scale system design, and some applications in social network, visual advertisement, visual shopping, and iPhone, etc.

    We are also interested in the technologies in this area. Looking forward to your course.


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