Diversity and India

While looking at some photos related to functions in India, I could not help thinking the amount of diversity in the way people appear in India compared to any other country. In most countries the emphasis seems to be on making everybody look kind of same. My recent trip to China surprised me because I noticed and talked to some Chinese friends about all people wearing western clothes and most things in major cities looking very ‘western’ and they agreed that there is no effort to maintain traditions in clothings or similar things — except food, I think — in the society there. Even in US which kind of promotes diversity, things are diverse only within western approaches. At one time I noted more diversity among Indians or middle-eastern people here, but that is slowly blending and becomig more narrow.

In India, it is common to see both men and women wearing different kinds of traditional clothes ranging from different India styles to western. At one time western was becoming more common among men and even among women. But it seems that in the last decade even men have gone back to more traditional Indian clothes and it seems even cultural and religious traditions. This seems to be a very unique aspect of India — where by maintaining or even going back to traditions — diversity is increasing.

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