Nagpur 061227

Like most cities in India Nagpur is seeing growth in number of shopping malls.  There is lot of other construction going on here.  Clearly there is positive economic signs around. 

It would really be great if there were signs for long term economic growth like those in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune.  I don’t see and hear about much long-term technology companies or service industry.  It appears that even today the major success in information technology from Nagpur has been Lambent Technology.  More success stories in this area are required to put Nagpur on a path that will lead to long term growth. 

I had a chance to meet a team from Lokmat – the fourth largest Newspaper group (in circulation) in India.  It was heartening to see that they are quite progressive and want to see things happen and are willing to adopt new technology.  Their interest in citizen journalism is right in line with the thinking of all major trends in News space.

The hotels here also need improvement.  I don’t have internet availability in my hotel – Centerpoint.  I have to go to a room to access Internet that makes my connectivity really limited.  Considering that Centerpoint is one of the best hotels in town, it is very surprising.  But that is also indicative of the demands by their customers.  The quality of rooms also need improvement. 

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  1. domain name freek

    yeah, I’ve been to that very one myself. I think in time it will change. Centerpoint will have to change. I going back in a couple of months I hope things get better. as for shopping malls the more the better.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Thanks for your comment on hotels in Nagpur.
    Interestingly, Tuli is owned by a close friend (Dilip Singh Tuli) and hence I know the place very well. Its location is not that convenient for me — their new hotel – under construction at this time may be better location.
    In fact it appears that at this time, Pride is the best run hotel in Nagpur, however.

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