In Nagpur 061226

I arrived in Nagpur on the evening of 24th.  The first day in Nagpur is usually the day with the family and that’s how it was.  Now I will start meeting friends and see more of Nagpur.


Like other cities in India, Nagpur does seem to be growing.  There is construction activity in Nagpur.  Te parts that I have seen do not seem to be growing that fast, but I do hear about other parts that are growing quite rapidly.  I have heard about major malls and multiplexes in Vardhman Nagar area – very close to where I grew up and where I used to go to play Cricket.  That area was kind of out-of the city when I was in college in Nagpur.  Maybe one day I will just go around the city and try to locate some of my early childhood friends – Ashok Yadav, Indu Khakhar, Suryakant Koadia, Jamandas Tanna, … The source to locate them could be Ashok Yadav.  I should definitely start with him.


One thing that I already noticed is that some encrroachment of roads and public area is taking place and is getting established.  This is clearly a sign of getting back to normal behaviour of India cities.  Nagpur still has good wide roads and is cleaner than most cities, but it seems to be going to normal Indian city life which it had left a few years ago.  Hopefully that is true only in some parts that I saw – most are still not affected by this and remain nice. 


Today I will know more how old Lambent (now part of Indus Logic) is doing and how mBlazon is growing.  I am involved in these two and would love to see them grow.

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  1. Vishwajeet

    Ramesh – If you have time, I would recommend you have a look at all the development happening on the Wardha Rd stretch from the current airport and till Gumgaon or so. Looks like a sleepy town is waking up. I was there recently (couple of weeks back) and when I saw it I felt like I had never seen work happening at this pace in Nagpur !

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