Multimedia Information Systems

While working in computer vision, I started seeing the role that a powerful knowledge system plays in solving vision problems. This encouraged me to look at organizing models in an indexed database to use them effectively in hypothesis testing and verification mode. From there I got interested in organizing images and video in databases and finding ways to index them. That was the beginning of my interest in multimedia information.

Paper 1 with Gupta and Weymouth was the first paper in image databases and generated significant interest in image databases. Face databases are likely to become very popular in near future. Paper 2 was the first paper in that area. Paper 3 is a detailed research in the use of similarity measures that are so important in image databases. In paper 4, a new approach to dealing with semantics in multimedia databases is presented.
White did some excellent work on organizing multidimensional data for similarity queries. This work is in paper 5. Swanberg and Shu started developing video databases with me (paper 6) that was further developed by Hampapur (paper 7 and 8).

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