Experiential Environments

Working in all areas related to vision, perception, information systems, and intelligent systems, it started becoming clear to me that the application models have an important role to play and these models should be dynamic. My doctoral research in control theory kept reminding me the role of information assimilation based on strong application models. All this slowly started coming together. But there are daunting problems here.

Roth worked with me on mobile robots, paper 1 below, but this work was very influential in my thinking. This paper was on a mobile robot but this was a system that resulted combining multimedia information using a strong environment model. Wakimote helped in developing a system, paper 2 below, that started research in using multiple cameras for allowing a user to experience a scene from his perspective. This work was extended to develop immersive environments and is reported in paper 3. Paper 4 is a vision paper written for special issue of Communications of ACM addressing emerging technologies in this millennium.

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