Multimedia Immersive Experience in Hangzhou (a Show)

One of the agenda items during the Workshop on Connected Multimedia in Hangzhou was to take participants to an area where they tried to recreate Song Dynasty experience by creating architecture, clothing and other activities from that area. This is a good example of Experience Economy.

But the most important activity there was a show. This Las Vegas style show had amazing stage setting for performing plays and musicals of various kinds – even International dances – including a piece from India on the theme of a dance from Devdas. This is one of the most impressive shows I ever attended – if I had time, I would go there multiple time.

The most impressive aspect of the show was true combination of some of the most modern technology. In many performances stage would have screens at multiple levels with videos presented on those from different levels to create a kind of 3-dimension effect. This whole thing was part of the stage and the video was very well choreographed with what the actors or dancers were doing on the stage. The whole effect was a very immersive experience. To make this effect even more immersive they even simulate rain experience for audiences and at one point for showing ‘tea’ from the local region, dancers brought and distributed real tea in audiences. This whole thing was spectacular because of technology and otherwise. I felt like the concept of Karaoke was being taken to video Karaoke where all actors were performing to the background videos.

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    Thanks for the post.Thanks for sharing your experience.It’s certainly a fabulous experience.How i wish i was present there.Hope to experience such a show once at least.

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