Creating PeopleWeb

Twitter introduced Lists — called TwitterLists – and they are already being used for different applications.
These lists are proving that you give a simple tool to people and they use lots of creativity and come up with all kind of interesting applications.

One of the most novel application that I read about is the list for countries. They want to create list for countries and have already started the process. That means in one list you could address all people on Twitter from a country. Interesting idea — a sure broadcast mechanism to cover all the people. Once you have such lists, you could put it for different uses, including for things like reverse 911 — say to inform everybody about an emergency situation.

3 thoughts on “Creating PeopleWeb

  1. Content Writing

    I use Twitter for my business purposes and i am very happy with it’s results.It’s certainly a very unique idea and it has gone down well with people on Twitter.As you have rightly put it-it’s certainly going to be helpful for a lot of purposes.

  2. Tea Accessories

    This is really great idea. I will help many people in many difficult situation, but there is equal chance of being misused, so I think twitter should introduce strong security measure to fight against spammers.

  3. frazer

    Not sure I agree with the use of Twitter to inform of emergency situations, however on the whole lists seems a good idea for networking as I can now instantly find related people with a few clicks.

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