Landmarks in life

I was very touched by many phone calls and e-mails that I received from many friends on my birthday yesterday – June 8.

In our life some of these ‘landmarks’ are important not as landmarks but what they do for relationships. Birthday at this age – yes Neil I am now 21 year old for the last 35 years – are not important but the fact that that gives an excuse to contact friends and share few moments together is important. In that respect, it was important to hear from some good friends after long intervals. In our busy life we always do what is urgent not what we really like to do. If we could organize our life more to do what we want to do, we would definitely be happier. Easy to say — not that easy to do.

A few days ago – on May 21st – Suzi, Swati, Fran, Adolfo, and Neil arranged a surprise party for Sudha and me for our wedding anniversary, but really to celebrate one year of my post cancer life. That brought together several friends and their families and was very enjoyable.

Now that I am one year wiser, I should really think about some food ideas and things to do. Otherwise I will be wasting this newly acquired wisdom.

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