Yesterday Gopal Pingali from IBM Reseach came to visit us. He gave a talk in my class on Next Generation Search Systems as well as in a seminar under Rescue and CalIT2. His talk was on eChronicles or Multimedia Electronic Chronilces.

Chronicles play a very important role in our personal life as well as in all aspects of society. At one time chronicles had to be very limited due to technology for keeping, maintaining, distributing, and accessing records. Advances in all aspects of sensing, storage, distribution, mining, and access technology are changing the way we can create and maintian chronicles. This is changing the way things are starting to happen in this space. I wrote about eChronicles some time ago in a magazine – the link is given here:

Gopal presented his research in Tennis analytics, to business applications, and now to the DARPA program. His presentation was very well received. Clearly he has been thinking on this topic and has synthesized ideas from disparate areas to build a unified perspective. Now with this, a unified research approach can be developed. He will be giving a key not talk at ICME 2005 on this topic.
Here is a picture after the talk.

Gopal, Ramesh, and Aditi after the talk.

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