Knee Surgery

My knee will be replaced in less than 36 hours from now — early morning on Thu 5/15.

In a way, I am looking forward to this. A bad knee has affected my life style somewhat earlier, but in the last one year it has been quite bad. In the last one month it bacame difficult to walk even one block without severe pain. I was thinking of geting it done next year, but it deteriorated at faster rate so I decided to just get it done as soon as I could get time. Unfortunately such decisions result in backing off from some committments that were made long time ago — but I just could not wait any more.

Modern technology has made knee replacement a routine surgery. The person performing surgery on me is Dr. Bill Warden — who happens to be husband of Prof Sandy Irani who is current chairperson of my department. And the world is really a small village. Sandy Irani is daughter of Keki Irani who was my mentor at University of Michigan Ann Arbor. In fact, he was the person who attracted me to move to UM.

I will be sedated for 2-3 days and then will update about my knee. Today I have one metal knee — soon I will have both my knees metallic. Currently I could not go thru any security system in US Airports without setting off the alarm. Now I may be able to do that in all countries.

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