EventWeb Symposium

On Friday May 9th HumaniTech at UCI organized a symposium called Event Webs. For details, visit

This symposium had speakers from very diverse background ranging from computer science (yours truly) to a novelist like Ngugi Thiong’o. Don Hoffman (Cognitive science), Jack Miles (Jounalism and Religion), Lew Lancaster (Cultural History), and Ruth Mostern (Social sciences and History) also participated in this intersting and stimulating event. My belief that a web of event is essential for understanding world surrounding us was strengthened much more after hearing these speakers. It is very stimulating to see that these leading thinkers strongly emphasize role of events in their disciplines.

What is also clear is that event is viewed really differently in different disciplines. And a strong need exists for developing a general framework that will provide a way for people to communicate and benefit from interdisciplinary approach to dealing with events.

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