IPhone is a step towards Folk Computing

Apple’s iPhone is a solid step towards Folk Computing.  It is getting rid off the most difficult component of advanced phones and computers — the key board.  A bold approach towards making phones and computers usable device independent of a language by billions of people.

This is beginning of something real good.

4 thoughts on “IPhone is a step towards Folk Computing

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    I glade to hear I not the only one out their that has the point of view on the matter. I think this is going to be a wonderful thing. I think this will bring the world closer.

  3. Ramesh Post author

    Folk computing is developing computing environments, not just user interfaces, that will bring computing to the rest 5 Billion people. This could not be done by just reducing the cost or developing ‘natural interfaces, but also providing environment in which content could be created and accessed by anybody independent of languages and educational background. Please see the article cited in the post.

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