Events in Singapore

Seraja was used for two major events in Singapore:  IDM Jamboree and International Conference on Multimedia Modeling.  This is the first time that this system is used for such large events where the events went through their complete cyscle — posting and planning, event, and post event activities.  Posting included blogging, posring photos, videos, powerpoint, and comments — many times live.  Using this platform, even remote users could ask questions in a session to a speaker.

As the technology matures and such platform become common, the nature of conference proceedings will change.  Currently, once the conference is over, there is very little, except memories with attendees, is carried forward.  This platform allows an event to remain available for experiencing as long as required.  Do visit to see some of this for at the following locations for

IDM Jamboree: 

MMM Conference:


There you will find that the events are organized hierarchically — each event has many subevents which may further have many sub events.  Finally for each event there are different types of reports (audio, video, photos, text) and people could continue commenting — asking questions and getting answers.

This is starting an event with a multimedia blog and then converting it to a multimedia wiki.  This was the first time and Seraja did it at such a short notice knowing well that the system is really in its early beta. 

Congratulations to all who participated in this experiment in various ways.  This was an exciting event.  My only regret is that I had to follow it from about 10,000 miles (and 16 hour time difference — many of the events are over about 10 hours ago on the same day when I am posting this) away.  The fact that I could follow this and see some photos posted live is very exciting, however.

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