India has more than 200 Million Telephone subscribers

According to Infoworld  India has now more than 200 miliion telephone subscribers.  In 2006 the number increased 47.6% — yes that is right.

So India must now be the third largest — after China and US — and may soon overtake US also in number of subscribers.  A great opportunity for interesting businesses.  But one also needs interesting business models because more than 50% (if not 70%) subscribers are prepaid.

5 thoughts on “India has more than 200 Million Telephone subscribers

  1. SEO India

    Well said Rajesh,

    In fact, though the numbers are huge, the per user spending capacity is what that will decide the actual potential of this market. India has a peculiar market as of now with a large prepaid market, and very less premium users. But the time is ripe for big players to come in, although the call tariff is at a flat low rate these days.

    The more the merrier!


  2. bob

    The total number of wireless subscribers at the end of March was 166 million, up by 68% from the previous year, according to TRAI in Delhi. The number of fixed-line telephony subscribers dropped by 1.8% during the year to 40.8 million.

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