Culture or politics or stupidity

I am still trying to understand — no I am not angry because this whole thing about Shilpa and Richard Gere is beyond anger and comical — what is the motivation behind these things.  Why would people get upset about a kiss on the cheek so much that it becomes a world news and there are warrants issued by courts against it?  It is definitely not against the culture — see Kujaraho and other temples and Kamasutra in the past and modern movies so popular in India.  What is the political angle in this — definitely none of the two characters are politicians?  Or is it just stupidity of the same class as Virgiania Tech massacre to attract attention of media.

Whatever it is, it definitely is not good for business climate for India.  We want to attract people to India to work with us not discourage them by projecting an image that we are a unpredicatable country.

5 thoughts on “Culture or politics or stupidity

  1. phoenix

    I guess the main reason is that Shilpa Shetty is in the limelight following the “big brother” incident. Even if a pin pricks her, a tabloid will have a 3 page article on it.

    Also, when I saw it on TV, it looked as if she was trying to resist him…… All the more reason for everything we are seeing.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    OK. Now comes the Mandira Bedi case — where people are upset for using Indian Flag, with 15 other Cricket playing country flags — where again the issue is being made of a trivial issue. Maybe the best way to deal with Morality brigade and such things is to smile at it and ignore it.

  3. phoenix

    Ya 🙂 .. I think such stories are for the benefit of people who have nothing much to do and lot of people around to discuss current affairs. It basically utilizes much of a man’s time and patience, both of which have many applications otherwise.

  4. Abhishek


    The story of Shilpa and Richard became a popular news. Well Shipla Shetty has defended actor Richard Gere after he enthusiastically kissed her at an Aids event in India. Shilpa has tried to play down the row, claiming Gere was just mimicking a film role.

    “I think too much has been made out of something that was really quite unimportant,” she said.

    “He was trying to strike his dance pose from Shall We Dance, his previous movie. He kind of, you know, just bent over me and he kissed me on the cheeks – I mean, that was it!

    “Then they kept playing and replaying it on the channels and people didn’t even know why we were there, and that kind of saddened me and infuriated me.”


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