ICT for development is dominated by Social Network thinking

IEEE Conference on Technologies for Humanitarian Challenges was an enjoyable conference. I debated before coming here just for this conference, but after a busy full day, I am happy I did. It was very enjoyable and stimulating experience. It was nice to see how many different projects are going on and several of them look good.
It was very intriguing, however, that most people are thinking of using social network flavor for implementing mobile based applications to improve all aspects of rural life. I do believe that this is an exciting direction. As usual, direct applications of current social network technology will be of limited use. What is required is to adapt current technologies for fitting the unique needs of rural life.

I must say that I have been thinking about something that I have tentatively started calling Knowledge and Innovation Sharing Networks (KIS Networks) by taking best features of old B2B, current social networks, microblogging, and wiki technologies. More on those sometime soon.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience at the conference.Social networking is the recent trend.Everyone is using it to promote their stuffs and for other purposes too.It was nice to read about your Knowledge and Innovation Sharing Networks.Hope to read more about it soon.

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