Bengaluru trip

For 2-3 years, 2005-2005, I used to be in Bangalore every 2-3 months. That was more than 2 years ago. Since then, Bangalore has become Bengaluru. I am still trying to decide whether I like Bengalure more or Bangalore.

Bangalore had a terrible airport; Bengaluru has much better airport — a modern one. Unlike the old one, I don;t mind spending some time waiting for my flights here. It has good seats, good restaurants, and free wireless if you send sms. The road from the airport to the city is a good one — from Indian standard — very good one.

There is still lots of construction going on — the metro is progressing, as usual very slow.

One thing that I did not like is that Bengaluru hs more use of local language and at many places there are no signs even in English. I don;t understand this. When many countries are adopting Roman script to write their language for ease for every body, it seems that politicians here are taking things backwards. I don’t understand this because Bangalore was becoming a world city. Does Bengaluru has the same aspiration or they have already passed their golden age.

Another minor – but important – point is that it seems that even the airport is designed for today or at most for the next few years. If Bangalore kept progressing then this will become too small soon. But then maybe that’s the plan that Bengaluru has — not grow but stop the growth.

So I did not have much time to see more — was a short and busy trip — but what I saw made me quite nostalgic.

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    I am likely to visit Bengaluru this October during my vacations.Language is a matter of concern in the Southern part of India.Bangalore has progressed a lot in the past few years.Hope to have a good time when i visit this year.

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