Winners and Losers in Hindi Movies

Movies usually reflect common trends and thinking of the time.  And Hindi movies are no exception to that.  They are definitely something that are suppose to be closer to fantasy than reality.  But they do reflect what masses like to see and what they believe and what the current dominant cultural values in India are.  People say that is the reason that a new movie ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kahana’ failed because most Indians consider the ‘Marriage System’ sacrosanct andcan not see anything against the sacrosanct marriage system.  Maybe the movie is bad, but this is what some media people were writing. By the way, I have not seen that movie yet.

Yesterday when I saw a movie ‘Corporate’ I could not help think about the current situation in India.  It does seem that people have accepted corrupt politician and lack of ethics all around as a part of culture.  In this and many other movies people fighting against corruption and injustice are the losers and the movies end showing bad guys winning the game.  Seeing this theme repeatedly in movies, one has to wonder the acceptance of these values by the society.  I am disappointed that people accept that nothing could be done.  This surrender by movie makers reflect the thinking of masses.  I hope I am wrong.  But then why do they show that in most of the movies?  I am told that movie makers only want to feed people what people like.

Maybe I am just seeing too much in a movie that is suppose to take me to a dreamland — maybe my problem is that I wake up thinking that it is a nightmare.

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