Good Friends

You meet several people in life. You make several friends — but some of them become stronger friends over time, some remain just ‘friends’ and some phase-out. In fact, time is the best test of friendship, particularly difficult times.

Yesterday, we attended 25th wedding anniversary of a couple, Ajay and Juhi Luthra. We met them about 12-13 years ago and since then our friendship has been slowly and steadily strengtheing. Since this was a special occassion, I started thinking about them. I realized how great both of them are as human beings. They have always been there during difficult times, particularly Juhi for Sudha. And we did go through interesting times, including multiple weddings on one side to several health crises in my life as well as other person ‘interesting’ periods. And it Juhi was always there helping Sudha. Of course, Ajay is one of the nicest guys and the brightest.

I am lucky to have friends like them. Here is a photo showing the 25th wedding anniversery for them.

Ajay and Juhi Luthra on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

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