CNN’s Hologram — Immersive Video

In the excitement of Obama victory, we forgot about the technology that CNN showed of on Election day.
Vivek sent me the links to CNN’s hologram video and how it was made. These are the following:

Quite impressive links. But this brought back memories of 1997 when we were developing Immersive Video at UCSD in Visual COmputing Lab. You can go to

and open visualco and see the video. At the end is Frank Stanley doing Karate moves — a kind of hologram — developed using about 12 years ago in a university lab.

5 thoughts on “CNN’s Hologram — Immersive Video

  1. teacher resources

    This video has a lot of relevant information for my news class! thanks a lot for the plug ins. CNN has been doing a really good job being unbias in this converage of the national presidential election.

  2. sparring gear

    That hologram was a real step in our technology even though George Lucas used it in the last two of his Star Wars Movies in the 80’s, and Im sure the military uses it for certain reasons but as far as for public use its a first Ive seen! I think it could start for a new type of communication, throw away the cell phones and everyone get a hologram transmitter.

  3. custom wheels

    That would be pretty cool to have a hand held hologram that you could charge up and bring everywhere making the cell phone a little less valuable. It makes me think of star wars and if they had it back then why not now!

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