EventWeb 18: Bliki (continued)

Can the concept of wikis can be easily extended to other media – photos, video, audio, and any other medium?  Suppose I post a photo.  By providing suitable editing tools, it may be possible for people to edit this photo to enhance some characteristics of a photo.  Now this does not sound like a good example of wiki.  But what about – I post a raw video collection from an event and give people freedom to edit it so they can create many versions of this video by editing it, maybe by adding background audio or any such thing.  This could result in a form of video wiki.  There is no reason that one could create a multimedia wiki like this in which one could combine different media sources to create a message using appropriate media.  That could be very interesting in many applications.  But that is a slightly different topic than what I want to talk about today.

It may be possible to combine the concepts of blog and wiki to develop, what one may call a bliki.  A bliki will take the most important feature of blog, namely the ability to post what you think is important, and the most important feature of a wiki, namely the consensus authorship or production.  Like a blog, there could be other features like comments, and other infrastructure that goes with modern blogs.  Like a wiki, there may be appropriate mechanisms to control the authoring environment to help create a meaningful document or product. 

In this environment, I could post a bliki containing multiple media, if necessary.  The bliki environment then will provide appropriate environment to you and others to help me refine the post (or the product) and also will provide other infrastructure that allows me to link my bliki with other relevant blikis and other people to link to my bliki.  This environment also allows ability to people to comment or in a way to blog on my bliki and also produce comments and annotations on each component of my material or the material that is added by anybody else.

It appears that such an environment will encourage building communities around some important events.  So I attend an event and post a bliki containing my impressions, in audio, visual, and textual form.   You see this and add may be photos that you took at the same event ( say wedding of a mutual friend or a conference that we are both interested in or a football game,,,).  This event bliki starts growing with addition from everybody who may have taken pictures.  People may blog about this post and may link this event to other related events.  And this keeps growing. 

In a bliki environment you can comment on a post but can also help enrich and refine it actively.

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  1. Evey Hammond

    cyn.in is one such a bliki service i found that enables users to add their data in the form of a blog post with inline media and attachments that can be in any format. One can then share the data with members of your cyn.in site and collaborate on it. You can then choose to publish this information to a set of people or to the entire world like a blog.

    It is an excellent combination of a blog and a wiki and increases productivity to a great extent.

    Check out cyn.in here: http://cyn.in

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