Special Effects in Indian TV

It is well known that many special effects companies are developing some advanced technology in India.  This technology is being used by many western movies and talk is that some of this is getting towards the center stage in Hollywood.  This special effect technology is related to creating realistic visual effects, sound effects and conbinations of those.

But how is this technology affecting Indian entertainment industry?

In Hindi there is a saying that can be roughly translated to mean:  Don’t give a razor to a monkey.  He will use it to cut his own nose and ears.

When you see Indian TV, like ZeeTV, it becomes clear that these programs are definitely made to prove the truth of the above saying.  The special effects shown in Indian TV program is effective in giving headcahe to people.  There is some strange logic in use of the zoom-in zoom-out color mapping, and unusual sound effects.  Most people seem to find them very weird.  These effects are only effective in attracting and diverting attention from the main story. In some way, they seem to be legacy of old fashioned drama performed as RamLeela in villages where emphasis was on drammatization.

So it is one thing to have people who can help in developing (special effects) technology and it is entirely different thing to use the technology to make good use of it.  It is great to see that Indian technology for special effects is becoming very good and is being used in effective movies.  I only hope that the producers of these TV programs, however, go back to old technology that usually was less effective in being drammatic and hence could not do so much damage to their programs.


12 thoughts on “Special Effects in Indian TV

  1. phoenix

    Yes, it is very disappointing to see such works on TV, especially after seeing movies like Lord Of The Rings, Ice Age 2… The thing that makes me feel worse is that there is no message conveyed in these movies. There is no central theme. Just some situations and some words put together. The movies are just based on glamor and the “stars”.

  2. Rohith V

    Well, I would say ZeeTV is much better compared to Sun (a popular Tamil channel). The effects are so hyperbolic that a small scene like some lady tripping is shown from 4 different angles (N, S, E, W) and then diagonals and the sound effects are those of a dharmic war b/n Pandavans and the Kauravas.

    But I guess my parents generations don’t demand for anything better. Hence the production never evolves. Consumers need to be exposed to better quality to force a chain of innovation among producers.

  3. Lulu

    It always takes time to make good use of new technology. Before it attains, various attempts need to be made. When the producers find that their way to use the technology is unwelcome, they have to condersider changing. So, don’t worry, and don’t hurry.

  4. Daniel Sudhakar

    You said it right. Razor in a monkey’s hand for sure. Even though some of the best Fx houses have setup their subsidiaries here and do work for Hollywood, our own scripts for movies and TV are so dumb, we can hardly exploit the resources and talent so readily available within the country.

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  6. mel johal

    These dramas have very little substance in the first place that I suppose the producers would pad them out with vomit inducing effects. My mom loves it and never gets dizzy. I, however, find myself staggering to re-gain my balance and sense of sanity after a dose of Kasam Se. These dramas are good if you’re on a trip to palookerville – know what I mean ? If you’re not on some acid trip then steer clear folks. Give me a bit of ILM magic in a film by James Cameron or Spielberg or Lucas any day of the week ( except Sunday when I have a bit of a lie-in and then do me shopping – a man’s got to eat !). Anyway the most learned and artistic appraisal of these shows is that basically … they are pants.

  7. mel johal

    I just sat through 3 hours of zee tv hoping for some improvement – but, no – it’s still pants.

  8. mel johal

    Could it be possible that some strange subliminal message is contained in all these zoom ins and wierd sounds that triggers off highly trained assassins to bump off some poor geezer ? I dunno – its just one theory. Have you ever noticed that the camera never zooms in on a plate of cheese or the sofa or even someone’s leg ? What the heavens is going on ? One time I nearly spilt my soup because I walked in on an episode of – I cant remember the name – and the camera angles were all skewiff therby given me a sense of imbalance .
    For that reason they are a serious risk to ones health and carpet.

  9. Big Chum

    What’s wrong with a bit of special effects on Zee Tv. It adds to the drama, the excitement and tension. These dramas keep the indian people entertained and educated. They are the finest example of TV since Roots and Upstairs Downstairs. I think these dramas should win Golden Globes and the acting should be honoured as well with a special award given to the directors and special effects people. Stock knocking them.

  10. mel johal

    Can you imagine these special effects being used in East Enders – Just picture this….. Phil comes down and says to his mum “Just got a call from Grant, he’s coming over with his fiance.” UInstead of the usual du du du der dum dum at the end of the episode it was be the whoosh whoosh zoom ins to Phils face and to Peggy and probably to Ian Bealle who’s having a pint, to Stacy and that bloke in the back ground who’s pushing a career as an extra. Wouldn’t it be just cool if that happens. Arse it would – leave me east enders alone mate or I’ll send the lads round.

  11. The DUDE

    Will my suffering ever end? I’m suffering from Lukeamia (might have spelt it wrong) but that aint the worst part folks. The ballbrusting torture of pain and vomit inducing madness is daily being inflicted upon me by the dramas on Zee Tv. It’s not that I can switch it off, you know. Me mom likes to watch them and you do not mess with ones momma! I might well get better from me bone marrow transplant but what about all this tripe on Zee TV? And that freakin’ voice over man during the commercial breaks with his sanctimonious “I’m indian but i’ll do me peter sellers best to plug the sponsors and the coming shows”. Boy, would I love to lamp this guy. Anyway, that’s enough of me opinions. I’ve read there’s some half decent TV elsewhere this chistmas!

  12. Shir

    I just signed up today for a free trial on Watchindia.tv (Indian TV online) and I’m not familiar with many Indian channels. could any one tell me on which channel can I find good movies?

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