Computer Vision Applications

Computer Vision has been a field that had enormous potential in many applications ranging from robotics to human interfaces over the last 25 years or so. Unfortunately other fields have become lot more applicable, but computer vision still remains a strong potential technology that could revolutionize applications of computing.
Many companies have been formed to reap this potential.

It is clear that some day this technology will cross the application barrier. Many early hurdles — sensors, processing power, software — have been solved. But we still don;t know how to apply this technology effectively.

There is a great buzz around
currently. Most computer vision researchers will recognize that the technology is nothing new. What is new is however is the application environment put around simple computer vision technology. Can this be extended beyond the first set of ‘claimed’ applications? Only time will tell. In my recent memory, the same amount — possibly even more — buzz was created by, only to become with with relatively modest ambition and almost neglegible use of comuter vision technology.

As a long term researcher in this very exciting field, I do hope that this or some other company will bring computer vision to the center stage in computing. I doubt, however, that that could be done without strong use of context in computer vision system. That will require a change in the mind frame of researchers and technologists. And I do see some signs — in image and video retrieval systems particularly. So I am hoping that This Vitamin will really be a vitamin for computer vision.

4 thoughts on “Computer Vision Applications

  1. Neuseeland

    Hi Ramesh,

    Good to see you back.

    Two things come across my mind with regards to this kind of technology:

    1. I could imagine that media analysis for competitive intelligence purposes could be useful.

    2. Another application could be in the field of sports analysis.

    However, it will take some time until these technology could be used practically.

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  3. Kurt Skifstad

    It would be great to see some success in this area. Like you said, the story certainly does look familiar, but the market today is different than that faced by previous efforts. Maybe now is the time? Dunno.

    Also, the “home and small business” focus they have on their “Product Overview” page is a bit surprising, but maybe it’s just a vehicle to get start the discussion (seems like there are much higher value markets to pursue).

    Definitely something to track going forward … and it’s nice to see a commercial app that uses Numeta’s HTM technology

  4. Ramesh Post author

    It is important to achieve success in this area — it has been ’round the corner’ way too long.

    I do hope that research community becomes less ‘pure’ in their approach and starts paying some attention to applications.

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