Back after a long break

I am coming back after a long break — the longest since I started writing my blog. First, I was quite busy and then I was traveling in China where things were hectic and access to Internet (due to travels, being with family, and some professional things) was not as good. In any case, this has been a period of intense activities.

China trip was very interesting and illuminating. There are good reasons why China is emerging so rapidly as a world leader. It is always an experience to visit there — this time it was particularly more because I spend lot of time as a tourist. I will start sharing some of my experiences on this topic as soon as I get back home — USA — in 2 days.

This was also the longest trip for me away from home. I started missing home some time ago. But remaining part of this year is going to be lots of travel — so I will not be much at home.

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