Yahoo acquires

About the acquisition of by Yahoo, says:

Yahoo plans to keep the social-events calendar site separate, but also plans to eventually use the site’s content to enhance Yahoo search capabilities, according to the Associated Press, which first reported the acquisition.

Yahoo, Google and America Online are locked in a fierce battle for people interested in local content, as the companies launch tools for local search, expanded mapping capabilities and local business reviews.

Currently events have been treated as less important to objects. There are good reasons, however, that we will see increasing emphasis on events.

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  1. Rovey

    Wow, five years later and we can see how important the local search results really are to the main players in the search industry. I was just listening to a commercial on the radio yesterday mentioning yahoo’s improved local search which I am sure has a lot to do with many of their acquisitions over the years, including In fact that is what interested me in searching around for a timeline and references about who was doing what and when in regards to local organic results.

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