Workshops at MM09

Today was the workshop day at ACM MM 2009. I felt that we had too many workshops. I gave keynote at one and presented a paper at another. So whole day was shuttling between the two workshops. I did enjoy preparing for my Social Media workshop Keynote talk. Good news was that Vivek Singh, my student, won the best paper award in that workshop (I and Mohan Kankanhalli are co-authors, but full credit to Vivek). Vivek also won earlier this week the best student paper award (of course I am co-author -and there I can take partial credit) at conference on Situation awareness in Washington DC. So he is really doing well.

Tomorrow morning I will leave for Hangzhou for another workshop and will leave from Shanghai.

Beijing trip is more or less over. It has been a good trip. Met many people and felt good that event-based thinking is catching on and so is the use of context. I feel that for the progress in Multimedia, these two things are very important.

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    I know you are good at juggling with your multiple work.Good to hear about Vivek winning the award..he’s doing a good job for sure.I know the Chinese language and would like to visit China one day.When will these two things catch up in India i wonder.

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