WiFi at Mumbai Airport

I am posting this sitting at Mumbai Airport Lounge in front of Gate 5 and have WiFi connection to post it. I am really pleasntly surprised. My flight is late and I was going to prepare my presentation. Just casually thought of checking availability of WiFi and found to commercial options. It is expensive — about $6/hour — but not bad.

This was a fitting end to my very good India trip — a very busy one too. It is clear how fast India is catching up. Of course, since the starting point was low, it is going to take good amount of time, but the feeling that things are progressing rapidly is very satisfying.

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  1. Navin Quadros

    Hi Ramesh,

    Indeed India is catching up. With the rapid growth in the economy, the increased focus on infrastructure initiatives such as WiFi is essentially demand driven.

    Though I disagree with the $6 bit. WiFi access in the Mumbai Airport is roughly $1.50 an hour, as was charged to me. That works out much cheaper and faster than a conventional dial-up, not to mention the ease of mobility.

    I’m sure there is many a satisfied smile on the faces of business visitors to India.


  2. Vishal

    How do you pay for this service? What speed connection did you get? I am planning to fly in a few days. I need to know if this is a prepaid thing, or can I just pay cash and buy it somewhere at the airport, or if I can use my credit card. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Ramesh Post author

    This was using credit card on the International departure side. On the domestic airport, you buy a prepaid card and use it.

  4. Dirk

    I have an website in germany for prepaid services. Do You know the name of the company who offer this service? In the moment I collect all the WIFI Prepaid Services in the world.
    Thx a lot and bye Dirk

  5. Trevor

    I found FREE wi-fi in the international airport, by the check-in counters. On the far side, there is a cafe that sells food and has computers for internet. I sat across from that, opened my laptop, and found a few networks. One of them was free. It wasn’t fast (by american standards) but it was FREE.

  6. Sony kalloor

    Yeah true the wi fi in mumbai airport was a surprise . The free ones as usual and expected were of poor quality. How ever the charges service were of real good quality , especially the tata one.

  7. Aeropuerto de Gerona

    Here in Spain and to be more specific on girona Airport there is high speed wifi and broad band and they are free.But i think one should avoid such places unless necessary because at such public spaces someone can access our system too.

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