What did we do before the Web?

So I spent my first day after getting back. And I spend some of it reading, some of it taking care of routine things and much of it on the Web.
What did people do before the Web? Oh yes, I remember reading books. We do that even now also — but we can do that better on the Web.

It is a different world when you have access to the Web. It opens up so many interesting ‘viewports’ for you — you can select what you want and what you like. Too bad that either many people don’t realize the importance and many others don’t have access to it. Just think how it can help people in developing countries. In fact, though many people don’t have access to the Web in developing world — they are the people who really need it. Web can open many interesting opportunities for people in developing world. Unfortunately, Web appears to be so far away from them.

3 thoughts on “What did we do before the Web?

  1. SEO Thailand

    Gone are the days when we used to open our windows to communicate to our neighbours, gone are the days when we used to drop a letter to our loved ones. The new era has changed drastically and we are now engaged in e-mail, e-chat. The era is changing on and on Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and SEO/SEM 2.0 are emerging along providing better user experience.

    The developing countries are still catching up with these technologies but sooner or later we will have a new world world 2.0 😉

  2. hypotheek

    to be honest, I can’t remember a life without internet… since I knew how a pc worked I had the internet (1.0) and now, well internet is still enriching my life every day

  3. hypotheek

    Great thought! The revision would be something like “what would we do with out the internet?” I believe we would have a major crisis on our hands.

    The funny thing is we did well with out the internet, but can’t seem to live without it. I believe the internet, even though it has negative aspects, has brought the world closer to each other. You can communicate with the world yet spending to much time behind it may decrease the physical contact…

    Maybe some day second life will be the virtual internet life we be living.

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