Web2.0 Buzzwords

Web2.0 has attracted Attention of several people. Tim O’Reilly’s paper on this topic has been the most ‘defining document’, but still there are so many apects to Web2.0 that this is like that famous ‘six blind men and the elephant’ situation. In my class on entrepreneurism, I gave a simple home work to students to describe what is Web2.0 and its implications to an entrepreneur and the society. When I got their reports, I decided to collect all the ‘buzz words’ that I saw there. Here are those buzz words — I am sure you know many of them, if not most or all. Some of these are their interesting impressions or opinions. No particular order — I just scribbled them as I was reading their papers.

Collective intelligence – wisdom of crowds
Software as service
Data is King
Long Tail
Users as co-developers
Connecting user NEEDS
Perpetual Beta
Architecture of Participation
Web1.0 about commerce; Web2.0 about people
Lightweight companies
Web as a platform
Software above devices
Challenge of FINDABILITY
Interaction makes experience good
Ownership of user generated content
Web2.0 is just Usenet2.0

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