Visiting New Delhi

On my way back from Nagpur to USA, I made my first stop in New Delhi.

New Delhi has many new roads (since my last visit in 2003) and many new will open soon. An ambitious publis transport is also being built. It does look very good growth. But at this moment, traffic is terrible. Hopefully with all this new construction, it will be much better in a few years. But people living there were not sure about that.

Gurgaon is what I expected. Many new and good buildings. And lots of shopping malls. There is lots of construction going everywhere. It appears that things are really happening.

So all the hype that you hear about India seems to be right. Tings are happening and India has a strong growth trajectory. Road system seems to be improving. Power situation does not seem to be improving, however. In Nagpur there were regular load shedding programs — twice a day. The education system is something that is really bad. I will touch on that sometime soon — but I was terrified to see the education situation. If there is a real serious area that needs attention, clearly that is education.

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