Visiting Ann Arbor

I am visiting Ann Arbor for the long weekend. We lived in Ann Arbor about 11 years from 1982 to 1993. We made many strong long term lasting relationships here. So spending a few leisurely days meeting friends is likely to be very enjoyable experience. Sudha and Neil are with me.

We already met Pallab and Meena Bhattacharya, Ishwar and Suman Sethi, Usha Jindal, Nancy O’Brien-Bodo, Kurt and Gran Skifstad, Tom, Marci, Jason and Emily Waldinger. It was so touching to meet these people and brought in so many old memories, Particularly touching was to see Neil’s reaction to meeting his childhood buddies Jason and Emily.

We have tomorrow and part of the day after to meet friends. Tomorrow we will also attend a wedding reception.

Another interesting thing was to listen to Kurt Skifstad’s ideas for his new company in Search space and see a demo of early concepts implemented by George Kulik. These ideas are interesting and could lead to some nice advances in search. In fact I see they taking the idea of Steering Wheel for Search one step forward — in fact some ideas related to clustering combined with their ideas could make some interesting navigational approaches in search. I will talk about their ideas at apprpriate time.

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