Virginia Tech Massacre

It is shocking to see and hear what happened at Virginia Tech.  This is the worst campus incidence ever.  I am shocked.

One can not wonder but think how to prevent such things happening.  Experts are pointing out to violence oriented society — in movies, tv, and video games; also games likes paintballs — and availability of guns and similar weapons.

Our society definitely has to face this situation as we have to deal with terrorism.  All these things are such that treating symtom is not going to help, what is needed is to understand the reasons and solve the real problem.  Is the solution reducing violence in our entertainment and banning guns.  May not be a bad idea to start there.

I am still shocked about 14 hours after first hearing about it — in Hawaii where I came to participate on a panel at ICASSP.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Tech Massacre

  1. Cheryl Young

    Cho Seung-hui was a quiet child perhaps autistic. He came to the US when he was 8 and was teased by his peers in school. He grew up feeling rage, resentment and anger. He acted out with violence.
    Most people in the US do not know anything about Jainism. Perhaps someone may consider publishing a newsarticle relevant to the Virginia Tech Massacre. Also, I wish that someone would expand the Jain section of the “ahimsa” article in Wikipedia.

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