Video will bring Facebook and Comcast closer

Accorfing to a story published in (orginally from Reuters)  Facebook is going to make video more central to their site and will partner with Zidillo (a Comcast company) to bring prominent video to TV., the social-networking Web site, said Tuesday it is moving into television by teaming up with cable operator Comcast’s online video site Ziddio to produce a new series from users’ clips called Facebook Diaries.

The companies are enlisting Hollywood TV producer R.J. Cutler, to choose the best submissions and create 10 half-hour-long episodes that will be streamed online and on Comcast On-Demand. The program will start in March. Terms were not disclosed.

This seems to be the first to come to TV from the user generated videos. Equally interesting idea is to bring professional producers in the loop to ‘produce’ new videos from the user created videos.  Maybe this will be a new version of multiple user created ‘reality’ shows.  This has many intriguing aspects to it.

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