Video revolution continues

There were two articles related to ‘expansion’ of video on the Web. NYT talks about the expansion of iPod video. And WSJ has an article on the opening up of popular TV shows from ABC on the Web without ay charges. I am surprised by the ABC’s strategy — it was going to happen but who thought it will happen so soon.

The initiative, to be announced today by Anne Sweeney, president of the Disney-ABC Television Group, marks a watershed: the first time a TV company is offering major prime-time shows free online without restriction. Until now, networks have brokered limited piecemeal deals in a bid to keep business partners happy and their traditional business models intact. CBS Corp. has come the closest to what Disney is planning, offering rentals of “Survivor” episodes on for 99 cents.

3 thoughts on “Video revolution continues

  1. Rob OCallaghan

    for me just adding pictures to my blog increased the return rate 10 fold. I plan to start adding video pod casts soon to see how that works out. It costs me nothing execpt bandwidth and my own time – so its free. I think adding such content (real home made videos about issues or jokey ones) is very different to being able to access ‘media’ in other forms. Like your PC, mobile phone or ipod. ‘media’ always has a price somewhere – it costs money to produce. So someone has to pay – either us (99pence a download) or a rival company shutting its doors because they can’t compete.

    I think the next few years will cause a real change, more free publishers v’s ‘media’ produced content. Looking at itunes and napster I know where my money is.


  2. mack smith

    ABC also plans to launch an online channel for America’s Funniest Home Videos, its long-running home-video program. The site will encourage people to upload their own videos, which the online community can then view and pass along. Some of the videos submitted may wind up being broadcast on TV.apart from that,In a separate announcement, Disney’s Touchstone TV production department has been renamed ABC Television Studio. Two Buena Vista units will also be re-branded as Disney seeks to focus on its core Disney, ABC and ESPN brand names.


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