Video Communication is starting

An article by Anne Eisenberg in NYT has interesting information on this trend that has to happen. Here is how the article starts — and then gives interesting details:

STILL keeping in touch with friends by texting? How old-fashioned. Some early adopters of technology are now using their mobile phones to send not typed words or photographs, but live video broadcasts. They’re streaming scenes from their daily lives — like trips to the mall, weddings, a new puppy’s antics or even a breaking news story that they happen upon.

3 thoughts on “Video Communication is starting

  1. Dayna Schroeder

    Technology is a wonderful thing. I am a photographer and am always searching for new ways to integrate movement in my images. I just starting to implement sequence shots into a video like format. I take about 10-20 photographs of a bride and groom dancing or doing something fun and place them together into a video broadcast. This would be cool to send via telephone to friends and family.

  2. John Rede

    I still find this incredible that this technology exists and is now a part of mainstream society. When I was a child I used to watch science fiction movies and programs in awe, where a person would communicate with another through ‘picture phone,’ which was usually some sort of a big block on the users desk.

    Now we carry this sort of technology around with us. Quite astonishing we have come so far in such a short time.

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