Updates from SEraja

I am in Bangalore. Last two days were spent with Seraja team seeing what has been done and what is coming. 

It is very exciting time at Seraja.  Lot of technology has been released and lot more is coming soon.  By the end of December, the system will have many eventweb features that I have been discussing about.  And by January end, it will have most functionality that I wanted to see in the early version.

Now the real challenge is to create some cases and identify some groups where we can get some strong traction with people.  It is now easy to use, has interesting features.  But my thinking that will not help — what will help is if users find that and provide us feedback so all bugs could be fixed and features that are missing could be added.

It is very exciting time.  Seraja team has done great job.  Now Arun Katiyar has strong pitch on what Seraja does.  Utz Westermann.  Under his leadership and mangement of Shivani, and creative ideas from Satish and others, the Mobile version of Seraja is very impressive.  Both these combined were in action at the SVB meeting that we had to show where we are.

Bangalore weather is real great this time of the year.

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