United India?

When I was growig up in India, the direction India was going was towards one India — the direction was to remove walls created by religion and regionalism. Things appeared to be going in that direction and it appeared that people from all regions were making progress towards becoming one county — a country that was a very tolerant country and accepted diversity.

Iget an impression that the direction has changed. When openly people in one part beat up people from other part for just being there — currently in Maharashtra north Indians being beaten up routinely and in the latest incidence students coming to Mumbai just to give exams — then one has to start thinking what is the direction. My regular visits to India have also shown me that the religious intolerance is increasing and recent incidences against Christians in Orissa and other parts are clear examples of that.

It is very depressing to see that the country of Mahatma Gandhi is going through this phase. I only hope that this trend gets reversed fast. Such trends not controlled can definitely lead to more serious problems.

4 thoughts on “United India?

  1. Total Cleanse

    Sorry to hear about your country. It’s never good to be separated like that. Hopefully one day everyone will realize it’s a much better situation to be united as one country. I have many friends from India and have heard some sad stories. It is a beautiful country. I wish it a more hopeful future.

  2. Meese

    I visit India for business every few months and I do not relate to your views.
    It seems to me as if India is growing to be one huge, great state that will very soon be one of the worlds leaders and considering we’re talking about a state that is independent for less than 100 years this is a great progress.
    I’m sure it will be united.

    Meese @ http://www.riestervergleich.org/

  3. RezV 60 Minutes

    India is one of the places that I must visit in order to eradicate my assumptions of what it is like. I have this mental image of it and part of me thinks I know what to expect when I get there, but deep down I know its completely wrong. India is a massive country and I must visit and spend some months there, in order to begin to take it in.

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