Unemployable MBA graduates


A recent study found that most (77%) MBA graduates are unemplyable.   This study gives similar results to what Naryana Murthy said about engineers and what Kiran Karnik stated about Computer Science graduates.

Premier skills-testing agency MeritTrac has just concluded, after testing 790 B-school graduates in six cities on seven key parameters, that 77 per cent of them are “unemployable�. Heads of some top B-schools say this finding doesn’t surprise them.

This is a major challenge for Indian education system.  We like to build several elite institutions at the cost of the rest.  It may be better to raise the overall standard rather than building just a few elite institutions.  Of course if you can do both then that is wonderful.  But can tht be done?  Particularly when you have limited resources and are trying to rebuild a large country?

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  3. 2Cents

    I think the vision was ‘elite graduates’ will serve many small institutes in country than leaving abroad 🙁 Hopefully, its changing as many are coming back!

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