Trip to Angkor in Cambodia:1

Angkor is a historic place in Cambodia. Much of the historic temples and palaces here were built between 900 and 1300 AD. Considering the time when they were built, they are truly impressive. Angkor Wat is particularly impressive. But the ruins of several other temples are also very impressive. Ta Phrom is in ruins and is a remarkable place to see how tee roots can take over the buildings and create amazing structures. I will be posting several pictures of these places on flickr. Please visit:

To me another impressive thing was the dominance of Hindu and Buddhist culture in this part of the world that time and even now. All these temples show the wars between Hindus and Buddhists and destruction of temples by these by each other. Of course, the country is now a Buddhist country. Coming from India, it is interesting to visit these historic places and hear about Indian mythology and tensions between two religions that came there India. Influence of Sanskrit is also obvious in Cambodia.

3 thoughts on “Trip to Angkor in Cambodia:1

  1. Pinaki

    Did Buddhists actually “destroy” hindu temples?
    I always thought it was the other way round.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    It is clear that Hindus came first and many temples have the head of Hindu icons removed. The guid also told baout Hindu temples being destroyed by Buddhists.

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