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I arrived in Singapore to work with researchers at NUS for a few days and define and start research in some areas in this August/Sept when I will be here for a longer period.

 Travel on long distance flights is niceer now that they have much better entertainment facilities.  I end up catching-up on my movies a bit.  This trip I saw a nicely made movie about people like me from India in US.  This movie, Namesake, is really well made and is worth seeing.

I am waiting for the day — hopefully soon — when they will offer Internet also as commonly.  It is available on very few flights currently.  Internet should become common on flights longer than 5-6 hours.  That will definitely make the trips less arduous.

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24 thoughts on “Travel to Singapore

  1. James

    Dear Ramesh,

    I agree with you, last time I visited from Singapore airlines from USA the journey was quite long and boring and a person like me who is very much addicted to the internet would be more likely to use an airline who would offer this facility in future.

    I have watched Namesake and its a nice Indian movie.

  2. Javi

    “Travel on long distance flights is niceer now that they have much better entertainment facilities”. I agree 100% with you Ramesh.
    Best Regards from Rome.
    Coliseo Roma

  3. Dubai

    Travel on long distance flights is niceer. I do agree but sometimes traveling long distance is makes me bored. I never been in singapore, but i wish someday i can go there.

    Wish you Luck

  4. Agnes

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  5. Asia Vacation

    Yes, Ramesh, long-haul flights can be very boring, uncomfortable and tiring. Crammed in your narrow seat in economy is not one of my more pleasant experiences. And Internet access would definitely be a welcome addition. Not so much for work, but there’s always a question I want answered when I’m trying to relax. And with the Internet you can have your answers at your fingertips. I’m very fortunate to live in Thailand at present, so the flight to Singapore is only 2 or 3 hours or so. Long enough though to enjoy some time at the fabulous Changi airport after the flight 😉

  6. house sitting junkie

    I agree long trips are boring and the thing about the movies is the small screen. Maybe I’m just spoilt with the big screens at home? Also when you travel a lot like me you have seen all the movies they show. So Internet on a flight would be a great distraction.

  7. Imran Khan

    Long distance flying is getting better these days, provided you choose wisely before booking your flights.
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  8. cheap flights

    more and more airlines are offering wifi on flights. thank goodness for that. it’s great for the business traveler. i know southwest airlines offers free wifi on their flights.

  9. Tom

    Looking forward to the wifi on flights! We’re on a round the world trip, and some of the really long flights (14hrs+) are stupidly tedious.. I’ve been keeping a I got a free travel blog at Round My World..

    Yes it is my own site, I’m building it as an advice site for all travelers. If you have a story, or a blog – please don’t hesitate to submit it and expand the world’s view of itself!

  10. Susan

    I travel a lot for work and experienced many airlines. Although not the Event co ordinator, I have also booked my own trips over the internet.

    The inflight entertainment is much better, if you have a few good movies to watch, time flies. I have not used the internet on any of my flights. I have my laptop but use the time for reading or catching up on films.

    What the airlines really need to look at improved seating.

  11. BB Blackpool

    Enjoy your trip to Singapore. I used to live there many years ago when the British still maintained a Naval presence in South East Asia and it is a lovely island.

    In response to your query I think some of the major airlines may be about to trial in flight internet. I thin Virgin already do in flight calls so this would be the next natural progression.

    It won’t be without a significant cost I wager though as the traffic will have to routed through satellites.

  12. Tartar

    Singapore Airlines used to offer in-flight internet on some of their flights but discontinued it because Boeing, the vendor, shut down the platform after failing to make any money at it. For the last few months Singapore was offering it absolutely free on their Boeing-aircraft long-haul flights which was great.

    I believe they plan to offer a similar service again when one is available but they’re probably a little reluctant to get into anything without careful research as they got burned on this one.

    Another option is to just take it easy on the flight. Budget Airlines don’t offer these fancy amenities but you’ll save so much money you might not even mind.

  13. MrPJH

    I believe they plan to offer a similar service again when one is available but they’re probably a little reluctant to get into anything without careful research as they got burned on this one.

  14. Nemanja

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  15. Gina "Travel" Kalandani

    Namesake is a great movie… When I was on a trip visiting Singapore (via Dheli) I traveled on a long flight and ended up zoing out to about 4 different films, and caught up on what I had lost. That’s why I like traveling and visiting different places. Each destination always has some unique places to see, and the trip there isnt bad either!

    Oops looks like ‘travel to singapore’ is an old post 😡

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