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I am here in the new terminal at the Domestic airport in Mumbai. It has at least Jet and Sahara Airlines at this airport. This airport was opened for services in the last year and is suppose to be the terminal that will cater to the growing needs of the air travel. Mumbai is either the busiest or the second busiest airport in India.

When you look at this airport, it is very frustrating to see that this is a new airport. It appears to be designed for yesterday. All the services, waiting and sitting spaces for commuters, gates – or the absence of those, and availability of restaurants and other services is truly disappointing. One starts wondering that for the country that is making so much progress in IT, BioTech, and other areas, when is it going to be able to build infrastructure that will be, if not at par with developed countries, at least acceptable.

And yes, they do have Wi Fi service here. I bought 1 hour worth service for Rs 57 from Tata Indicom. The lady there pointed to me that it will work only in part of the area in ticketing and after the security check. So I opted for using it after the security check so I don’t have to worry about my flight. And I tried at multiple places in this area and see no traces of Wi Fi on my computer – never had problems at any place. And now I can not – due to shortage of time – go outside after the security clearance – I may not be even allowed to go there. There goes all my planning to get to airport one hour before my flight time (from a meeting) so I could check my mail.
In the quest to find a spot to receive signal, finally found this small area where I am getting ‘TATAINDICOM’ network, but the signal strength is only one of the five bars – so it is useless. I still tried connecting several times and every time my system gave up.
Well, so much for my desire to use Wi Fi on the airport. Hopefully, my hotel in Bangalore – first time staying at the Chevron Hotel – will be like the previous hotels I have stayed in Bangalore and will have no problems in this aspect.

The experience in Jet Airways flight 9W417 to Bangalore was very good. Jet has good service. In this flight, it was even better. Stewardess Jenny offered me lunch but because I already had lunch I declined. She then wanted to get me some fruits and sweets and wanted to know what can she get. She insisted on my getting banana and peach and the sweets. I did end up eating banana. It is service like this on private airlines in India that make you feel good.

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  1. Essay expert

    A person like you who can describe his trivial airport and airflight experience so vividly and grippingly is an artist. Well you think that I am just flattering you, as I have nothing else to say -well no. Just sometimes we fail to tell people when they do something good and I decided to imrpove the situation : )

  2. Bead Stalk

    It seems that people are often surprised these days when they receive good service, by someone who actually shows an interest in the customers they are looking after. Isn’t that what they are paid for though? Good service should certainly be praised, but all too often the services we receive is poor so many people have come to set theirs standards or expectations as much lower than it should be, because at the end of the day we are the paying customer.

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