Towards natural interfaces

Computing indusrry is definitely due for a new interface technology that will make use of computers more natural.  Mouse and Keyboards have been with us for quite some time.  The attached video (thanks, Arjun Satish for sending me the link) from TED conference does look very promising.  If you like to see exciting interface technology then see this:

4 thoughts on “Towards natural interfaces

  1. Associates - Business

    Quite interesting post..!! Well, the potential for the proposed natural interfaces could be seen in various fields, one such is online learning. Computer technology has provided the opportunity to create tools that enable literacy and learning in ways accessible to every possible user. However these tools need to support sign language interfaces, i.e., ways of input, recognition, and display of signing gestures etc, in order to be fully effective.

    Continuous research work is going on Sign language input and recognition systems for the pat decade or so. Vision based approaches are also under scanner having advantage of allowing the users to remain unencumbered. Recently, researchers have stepped up the process to develop gesture input systems that combine image and device based techniques in order to gather more information about gestures, and thereby achieving more accurate results.

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