Timeline mashups

Map mashups brought lots of interesting applications and have made location as one of the most important ‘attribute’ in many applications, particularly on the mobile phones.

I see potential for a similar ‘revolution’ in timelines. We want to see all events in time and also in space. How to create effective mashups showing evolution of events in time and also in space. In fact today, I am just interested in having a very simple and usable environment to display evolution and temporal relationships among events. The tool should be as easy as Google Maps (or Yahoo Maps) and should allow me to do animations also so if I want to see temporal evolution as temporal evolution – rather than a line on my screen – I should be able to see that.

Yes I know there are many timeline software in market and some of them have API but I have not found anything really compelling. Maybe I just did not find right way to use them. Did you find one that you really like?

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    No even i have faced similar problems like you.I also look forward to a similar revolution happening in the future.Mobile phone applications have indeed come a long way as far different kinds of applications are concerned.I look forward to updates from you as far as the update is concerned.Thanks a lot for bringing this thing to my notice.

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