The worst part of a vacation

The cruise is over. The last stop was in Victoria. Victoria is a charming place. Nice to place to spend a few relaxing days – I had only a few hours.

I am now back home and trying to catch up with regular things. The worst part of a vacation is when it ends. You get used to a nice relaxed routine and then it ends. To make it worse, when it ends and you get back to the real world, you realize that there are lots of things piled up to do and now you have to work extra hard to catch up.

My current thoughts are now centered around the key note talk that I am suppose to give on July 22 at CIVR in Singapore. The talk is on practical applications of image and vide retrieval. This is an exciting topic and I have strong opinions on this topic. The problem is to distill my thoughts and present those to academic community in a way that will be constructive and effective. And that is going to be a challenge. Well I started thinking about it and will be scribbling some of my thoughts here to see what some of you may think about this.

A very interesting thing about the topic is that at one time – I think until about year 2001 – the technology was far ahead but the applications were not ready and now there are several applications that are in desperate need of technology to solve some real problems, but the technology has fallen behind. More on this as thoughts become more concrete.

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