Terrible state of search engines

“Internet search engines are still in a terrible state compared to where they could be.”
I am definitely very happy to hear these words from Bill Gates. He further added:

“This is a situation that we hope will change for the better in the next six months. We are working on it, as are other companies, such as Google and Yahoo,” Gates added in comments that were translated into Hebrew.

Search engines are an important part of our cyber life and do affect our physical life also a lot. It is clear, however, that the current obsession with all semantics coming from Keywords and organizing search primarily based on keywords is very limited. Everybody knows this but it seems that most companies, including Microsoft are interested in incremental approaches to improve on using keywords in the first place. This may in fact be the most serious problem with the search. Interestingly even the Folksonomy is evolving based purly on keywords.
I do hope that in researchers are looking at getting out of the keyword box because without that search engines will remain in their first stage.

Maybe this is a great oppoetunity for budding entrepreneurs.

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