Teaching Entrepreneurism

I started teaching this quarter. The course I am teaching is ‘Entrepreneurism in Information Age’. This course is for Information and COmputer Sciences student so this will be a very different course comapred to normal courses in this area. I am running an experiment in this course. Here is something from my syllabus about projects:

Projects: There will be two projects in this course.
Project 1: (Due Oct. 21 ) This will be an individual project. You will define a product that you want to develop. In less than two pages, describe:
• The need for the product
• Technology behind it
• Competition
• Why you are the best person to build this
• How it will change the world and will bring wealth to your team.

Your report will be posted on the class web site. This document will be used to recruit people to form teams for the second project as described below.

Team Formation for the Project 2:
Each person in class has 100 units to invest. You must invest all of your 100 units in other people’s products. You will have one week to do research on the product and invest on these products. Your success in investment will be determined based on how successful the products you invest in are in the second project of the course.
You must vote by Oct. 27.

I will keep record of where you will invest. Your investment will be evaluated at the end of the class.

On Oct 31 winners of the products will be announced.
The person who proposed product winners will form a team to build a company to launch the product.
This will be the team that will be working on the Project 2 in the class.

Project 2: This will be a group Project. The team formed as discussed above will develop a business plan for their product. This business plan will be to build a company around their product. Different team members will take different business responsibilities for the product and the company and will help in the business plan according to their roles.

Each team will present their business plan in class (7 minutes) on Dec. 5, 2005.

I am very excited about this class. I do intend to invite several guest speakers as case studies in this class.
So if you suddenly start hearing about lot of entrepreneurism related topics in this space, you will know why.
Also, if you have any suggestions for me to make this course interesting and useful, please share those with me.

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