Suffering Fools

Diplomacy and maintaining good relationships demand that one suffers fools gladly. But should one?
This is an interesting question and has an obvious answer. But it is one of those that are not really so easy. The obvious answer of not suffering fools is easy to say but difficult to really practice for most except some who are either geniuses or too arrogant to care for others. So the right question may be ‘how much’ should you be willing to suffer fools. And I have been trying to find an answer for that for long time without success.

This thought was triggered when somebody complimented a friend that he des not suffer fools easily. And in that particular case, I did not think that the action referred to had anything to do with foolish behaviour — it was more difference in perspective.

One thought on “Suffering Fools

  1. Ben Murphy

    I don’t actually agree!

    It is possible to be diplomatic, maintain relationships and get exactly what you want, without having to anything other than use clever manipulation techniques.

    I learnt this in business studies way back in the first year…

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