Subtitles to teach reading

Ish Rishabh sent me a very interesting article by Gurcharan Das. Ish writes that

I never knew that subtitling the song might help people learn how to read. In fact, I used to find subtitling irritating. So it was interesting to note that people can form association of textual representation of a word and the audio of that word.

Mr Das in his wonderful style concludes on a very important point:

You’d think that the best way to bring about change in a democracy is through politics. But when our political class is callous, unreliable and venal, you have to depend on individuals. India has always had our spiritual entrepreneurs, the most famous being the Buddha. In recent years we have seen the flowering of business entrepreneurs, making India one of the world’s most dynamic economies. Now, we have also begun to produce social entrepreneurs like Brij Kothari who are making a difference. Hence, India is rising not because of its political leaders but despite them.

3 thoughts on “Subtitles to teach reading

  1. Aoleon

    I think both music and games can be incredibly educational – especially for kids. You can teach kids how to read, do math, science, and more via games and making leaning fun.

    Great post!

  2. Media Movers, Inc.

    Same language subtitling (SLS) is one of essential way to educate people.

    But wrong text/adaption can be deterrent to such process.

    Closed-Captioning should also be implemented in countries like India for the deaf/heard of hearing population.

    Media Movers, Inc.

  3. Search Torrent

    I think subtitles can be very educational – especially when trying to learn a foreign language. I sometimes watch movies with a foreign language turned on as the audio with english subtitles so I can try to learn that language.

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