Sourav Ganguli ISSUE

India’s parliament discusses selection decisions in a sports team (Cricket) seems a simple issue blown out-of-proportion even to a cricket fan like me. Combine this with all the demonstrations and attention being given to this issue — including this post — and you have a puzzle. I don’t understand how this issue gets more attention than I have seen infrastructure issues in Banglore get. I am trying to ‘compute’ this in my head to understand.

3 thoughts on “Sourav Ganguli ISSUE

  1. Shankar

    It certainly is overkill. I was recently in India and realized the extent to which media coverage has blown up this issue.

    On the flip side, I believe that this kind of media coverage is good but is only the beginning. I have watched how some of this pattern of media attention has put the corrupt public officials in the docks.

  2. saptarshi

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